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Hair Fall Treatment



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Hair Fall Treatment

Hair Loss is something that affects nearly 80% of the human population. It affects the self-confidence of many and takes a toll on them psychologically.Excessive hair loss in any form can be a distressing situation to go through. In an ideal world, all of us would like a head full of lustrous, thick hair that lasts us a lifetime. Alas! Only if that was the reality. Diffuse Hair Loss, or Hair Thinning in simple words, has become a major concern for the population living a stressful urban life, especially in a metro like Chennai.

PRP, i.e. Platelet Rich Plasma, has become one of the most favoured hair loss treatment options across the globe, for both men and women. People have mirrored this opinion in Chennai as well.

The PRP hair regrowth treatment in Chennai is a functional way to boost hair regrowth especially in the more stubborn areas like the hairline as well as the crown area. It is recommended for people going through genetic and patterned hair loss resulting in thinning hair.

The PRP treatment process is as follows –

  • A small amount of blood of about 15-20 ml is collected through a small cannula from a vein in your hand.
  • This is followed by the separation of the platelet component from the blood. Platelet-poor plasma is discarded and the concentrated platelets are activated.
  • The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is then injected at the root of the hair on the scalp, where thinning is observed, with the help of a tiny needle.

PRP is rich in a variety of growth factors that rejuvenate the hair follicles and secrete additional growth factors for the rest of their lifespan. They work by –

  • Stimulating the production of new blood vessels
  • Activating wound healing mechanisms
  • Enabling new epidermal and hair cells to develop

Normally, 6-8 sessions are required at monthly intervals to see desired results.


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