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“At Relooking, treat yourself to glamorous. Our latest equipments that coupled with our qualified professionals would transcend trends and celebrate individual beauty. With our certified makeup artist ensure your face will be in spotlight on your BIG day, and relook your best. Our grand and innovative interiors give a ravishing experience. The imported luxurious furniture’s are placed to captivate our customers.”


Skin Clearance (for acne prone skin)

If your skin is prone to acne, Dermal Rolling or Skin Needling is the best acne scar treatment – clinically proven to reduce the look of acne scars and improve skin texture. This acne scar removal treatment works to activate the skin’s healing responses, promoting collagen and elastin renewal to drastically improve skin texture. An increase in collagen to the skin will help fill-in acne scars with healthy, strong skin cells.

This is the best suitable one for you. It removes impurities and cleans the pores and its antiseptic properties prevent further outbursts of pimples.

Pigmentation Reduction

Pigmentation which occurs when the body produces excess pigment, resulting in discoloured skin, affects all skin types and tones. And also A number of environmental and genetic factors can influence the skin to produce irregular levels of melanin in certain areas. This can lead to slightly darker (hyperpigmentation) or lighter (hypopigmentation) patches of skin.

Relooking Pigmentation treatment focuses on eliminating excess deposits of melanin (the brown pigment that gives skin its natural color). The laser treatment at our centers is the most effective to treat any type of pigmentation. Along with Pigmentation treatment and the latest laser treatment, Relooking also offers a deep skin exfoliation which promotes skin healing and re-growth

Fairness Treatment

Often, fairness treatment (commonly known by other terms like skin whitening, skin lightening and skin bleaching) is associated with getting a fairer tone to the skin using natural or artificial chemical agents and substances.

Fairness treatment is a special skin treatment that involves boosting up the skin’s tone and overall quality. Whenever you undergo skin lightning treatment the skin gets an instant fairness and this fairness treatment is a skin procedure done at Relooking to boost the tone and quality of the skin. It gives instantaneous fairness, glow, skin whitening and natural blush. It hydrates the skin, thus making it bouncy and agile. It cheers up and enhances the barrier function of skin and hinders synthesis of melanin. It is right for all types of skin.

Dark Spot Removal

Factors such as free radicals, hormonal changes and sun exposure can damage your skin leading to pigmentation, making you look older. The most common concerns are uneven complexion, patchy skin, dark spots and dark circles under the eyes.

Relooking’s transformative solution that uses specialized services and products with highly effective ingredients to help correct tan, pigmentation marks, dark spots and age spots giving you visibly clearer and luminous complexion.

Tan repellent – Tan Removal Treatment

Had a rough and sunny day. Our Tan repellent treatment, we give you a hydrating and lightening effects by using enzymatic peels and fruit acids.

Skin Match – Anti Ageing / Wrinkle Treatment

Do you feel that you skin looks older than you! Well it’s time to match your skin with your age. Skin match procedure removes lines and wrinkles. It tightens muscles with isometric exercises, improves skin metabolism and stimulates blood circulation.

Sculpting looks – Face Sculpting 

Firm up those saggy looking skin! With our nutrimore cream, and alpine moor mud that adds photo hormones to your face and firms it up

Dark Circle

Our hydration oriented pigmentation treatment ensures your skin can withstand the stress of exfoliating. The different pigmentation treatment procedures include exfoliating peel and resurfacing peel. For advanced cases, we also provide laser treatment and radio frequency treatment for dark spots removal.

All prices are Exclusive of taxes

Hair Re-Growth

Remember what it felt like to run your fingers through your hair? Now you can welcome back that feeling while looking even better than you did before your hair loss.

Experience a single session of the most advanced hair fall treatments in India, at relooking today.

PRP Treatment – Advanced Hair Growth & Anti Hair Fall Treatment

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy) is another highly effective treatment to boost hair regrowth in both men & women. the procedure stimulates the dormant hair follicles to produce hair and therefore scalp areas which had little or no hair begin to experience fresh hair growth.

PRP is a very safe treatment – primarily because your own blood is used eliminating any chance of allergic reaction or serious side-effects. The procedure lasts about an hour during which PRP is injected using micro-injections needles in target areas requiring rejuvenation and hair regrowth.

Hair fall concerns are no more a problem with the advances in technology available today. we treat hundreds of patients with hair fall every month and are very proud of our hair fall control & regrowth results

Get in touch with our Hair experts to know more today

Scalp / Hair Fall Treatment

Do you feel embarrassed to try a new hairstyle because of your flaky scalp? Hair fall and dandruff are the most common problems that plague us. And if they aren’t addressed immediately, severe complications might arise in the long run.
Meet our experts to discuss on the various treatments that suit you/

Hair Cut & Colour

If you are bored of your usual hairstyle and are on the hunt to get creative or try a new cut and hue, then book your appointment with relooking stylist for some punk hair inspirations, cornrow hairstyles, bob hairstyle, etc..

Hair Texture Changing

Are you constantly looking for your hair texture change. We have easiest and quick solution. Make an appointment

Relooking Facials

Juicy Fruity

Get the goodness and freshness of fruits on your skin, We enrich you with vitamins and nutrients which provide the required nourishment to rejuvenate dull Face.

Chocolate Desire

Turn yourself yummylious! We sweeten your face and make it appealing with our chocolate desire facial, removes impurities and makes your skin look bright and fair

Glow with us

Are you bored of that dull and lifeless look on your face?
We help you to brighten up by using the richness of gold that will scrub and clean the skin, free it from blemishes and dead cells and make it glow.

The Equalizer

We retain all the goodness in your face in the right proposition. The equalizer with the multiple benefits of almond oil, it hydrates and revitalizes your skin.

The Spark (For Dehydrated Skin)

Are you looking for that magical Spark in your face? Well, with the benefits of Vitamin C & stimulating of collagen , we help you to get that magical and sparkling look in your face

Young Again

Age is just a Number. With Vitamin C creams, massage balms and mud masks , we bring back your stunning youth looks.

Fair, Farer, Fairest (for all skin types)

Being dark is no more an issue! Get that snow white complexion. With active oxygen, papaya, mulberry and green tea extracts and two other masks we make your skin tone lighter and make it look brighter

Be A Pearl (For sensitive Skin)

Are you a precious pearl! Do you feel that your skin needs extra care ?The DNA creams and gels improve the skin texture and protects it from irritation.

Youngness – Advance Rejuvenation Treatment (for all skin types)

Live and experience your age. Our youngness facial helps you to enjoy yor age by giving you a rich looking skin. By using Vitamin C & A, Soya Proteins, Chamomile extract and two masks to nourish your skin, reduce fine lines and lighten your skin tone leaving it feeling fresh & supple.


Relooking Express

A quick fix for your nails. Cut and polish

Duration: 15 Min

Relooking Elite

Pamper your hands. Make your hands feel special with a gel, cream, masque & nail polish.

Duration: 30 Min

Relooking Royal

You deserve a royal treatment as you are a princess. Honour your hands with paraffin wax.

Duration: 45 Min

Relooking Signature

Get the relooking touch for your hands. Relax your muscles with our extremely soothing massage.

Duration: 60 Min


Relooking Express

A quick fix for your nails. Cut and polish

Duration: 15 Min

Relooking Elite

Spice up your feet with the exclusive peppermint pedicure.

Duration: 30 Min

Relooking Royal

Twinkle your feet with our royal crystal pedicure.

Duration: 45 Min

All prices are Exclusive of taxes

Stretch Marks Removal

Stretch marks (which can also be referred to as striae) are blemish lines that occur on the skin’s surface, most commonly due to skin stretching.

We at relooking treat the stretch marks that causes the stimulation of collagen production which subsequently leads to the rejuvenation of the skin vast improvement of the area affected by stretch marks.

Mole & Wart Removal

Warts are’nt bad most of the times, Probably because they go away on their own. However if you’ve had them for long, you could infect someone else or spread to other places on your body especially if you scratch or pick at them

Warts are no more a problem with the treatments available today at relooking. It is easy and safe procedure to remove from your body

Body Skin Polish 

Our skin is exposed to a variety of things like sun rays, dust, pollution and many more. This makes it lose the natural luster and shine. Well, we need to exfoliate our skin at regular intervals so that we can protect it from the adverse effects of these attacking elements.

In relooking Skin Polishing is a gentle exfoliation procedure helps to eliminates the dead layer of the skin and allows cells to recover its lost touch, gentleness, and brightness. It also excites production of collagen and eases the façade of large pores

Neck Rejuvenation

By using Vitamin C & A, Soya Proteins,Chamomile extract and two masks to nourish your neck, reduce fine lines and lighten your skin tone leaving it feeling fresh & supple.

Allow us to pamper and groom you in preparation for the most special day in your life. Below is a list our bridal and groom preparation services:


  • Walnut Body Polishing with Skin Smoothening
  • Hand Spa & Foot Spa
  • Skin Lightening Treatment Program (combination of use of treatment products and facial treatments, starts as early as three months before the wedding)
  • Moisture Intense Hair Treatment (4 sessions before the wedding)
  • Bridal Makeup (Western or Classic Indian)
  • Bridal Hairdo (Contemporary or Traditional Indian)
  • Saree Draping
  • Daytime Makeup (For engagement party)


  • Walnut Body Polishing with Intense Moisturising (before the wedding)
  • Male Manicure and Pedicure
  • Hair Spa with Scalp Treatment
  • Anti-Ageing or Skin Lightening Facial (starts as early as one month before the wedding)
  • Skin Treatment Program (use of special skincare products one month before the wedding)
  • Natural Look Male Makeup


  • Customised Facial Treatment (according to skin type and concerns)
  • Light Makeup
  • Hairsetting
  • Manicure and Pedicure
  • Saree draping

We customise our Wedding Preparation Packages according to your requirements. Visit one of our spas now for a free consultation and quotation

All prices are Exclusive of taxes
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