We are driven by the vision of “Redefine Your Glamour” by our science of slimming and “Experience The New You” by our Art of Beauty Services

Relooking is a weight loss slimming and beauty enhancing center for men & women. Relooking offers wide range of services such Weight Loss, Inch Loss, Body Sculpting, Body Contour, Breast Augmentation and various therapies that help you to keep healthy & fit. It Salon Services provide Best In Class Services for Bridal & Party Makeover, Hair Cut & Color, Facial & other beauty services. It is established to adorn your living. Relooking is located at the heart of the city which makes the center easily accessible to all its customers.

Our grand and innovative interiors give a ravishing appearance. The interiors are designed to captivate the customers and aids in its application of advanced techniques.

Our professional and expert therapist contributes majorly towards your appearances by providing marvellous services.

Relooking is formed to color your life and bring back your youth and sublime confidence of a youth. Since we care about you and also the nature our services are organic.

Our beauty services paves way for a glowing, splendid, flawless and astonishing effect on you. We recreate your outlook by sculpting your looks.

The latest technology used by us gives you an adorable result.

India's 1st GREEN & ORGANIC Salon

As much as we care our customer, we also care our world’s environmental problems. Therefore we established our self as 1st Organic Salon in India.

Here is the list of items we AVOID using in our salon to reduce the carbon footprint:

Harmful chemicals
They may be found in hair dyes, nail polish and nail polish removers.
Always we use hair and skin products that don’t contain any of the “nasties” and are green and kind to the environment.

Mostly we use products that contain natural ingredients, for example:

  • For Skin and body treatments – seaweed, mud and herbal remedies.
  • We use natural herbs like peppermint and eucalyptus for showers and facial steaming.
  • Henna for hair colour
  • You may also consider adding natural hair removal services like sugaring or threading.

Non biodegradable packaging materials
Always remember to ask suppliers to provide products in refillable containers & paper covers that help to reduce carbon footprint.
Alternatively, place these materials in one of your recycling bins and ask our supplier to remove and destroy them through a waste management company.

Hair salons tend to use a lot tinfoil for hair colouring. Don’t just throw it away after it’s been used, even used tinfoil can be recycled. Check your city’s recycling program to find out how to recycle.

This is a tough one too as hair salons use aerosols in hair sprays. But, we switched to pump dispensers or use low volatile organic compound (VOC).

Candles are essential part of salon / slimming and spa centre but we use soy candles which is are more earth friendly than paraffin and beeswax candles.

We save trees by reducing the papers
We even taken one step further and using recyclable ink for our printer.
Also all billing are, turn to emails & SMS
Secondly, we use washcloths instead of paper towels in our salon’s bathroom.

Water and energy
Water and electricity are essential to running our salon. Saving these will contribute to a more sustainable planet. So,
We use Water wisely

We use natural light whenever possible.
We use energy-saving light bulbs – LED (branded).
We use rechargeable batteries instead of disposable batteries.

Please share your suggestions & feedback – info@relooking.co.in


Relooking cosmetic clinic focusses in tailor-made, results-driven treatments, skin rejuvenation, hair removal & much more with state of art Technology. We are Equipped with award winning lasers and equipment, ensuring you receive the best treatment from our highly qualified team of both medical practitioners and skin therapists
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